25 de marzo de 2016

2016 summer: easter week

Good morning people! it is amazing that 3 years almost have passed since I published my last blog.
I remember spending hours trying to find the best article or the nicest images to put in that article.
Now I am so much closer to my 30's.
If I had to publish now, probably I still did it with Selfhelping and music topics, but the rest would be a bit different.
I would probably talk about the Annunakis, the Budhism, sex and the relationships, how to grow up healthy (when it comes to mind), the things we cannot see (the spiritualism) and of course I would speak in my new possession:French!

I don't know if there are readers left who still find some joy in my website but if I get some time I will publish something in the future. But hey at least you know I am alive and we may realize that behind a blogspot there is a person who changes as the tendence of the articles changes too.

Bye my fellas
Je vous remercie tout ce temps que vous passez ici.